How To Get Her Back For Good Review

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How To Get Her Back For Good Review

About How To Get Her Back For Good OR How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back By Dr. George Karanastasis

How To Get Her Back For Good By Dr George KaranastasisHow To Get Her Back For Good By Dr. George Karanastasis is a guide squarely aimed at the guy who wants to get his ex back, but who isn't sure how to go about it. Now, guys faced with that all too common scenario often do lots of things which they think show they are being caring, or are somehow 'proving' to their ex that they are 'worthy' of being taken back, but in reality are sabotaging their chances BIG TIME of that ever happening.

It is often at this pont, when all seems lost, that guys finally realise that they need to get real for a minute, and that they are not neccessarily the best people to guage what works with women, and they need to get some serious advice on what to do.

When that happens they are faced with a number of choices. They can go and track down some kind of volunatary organisation or charity and ask them for help, or they could seek 1 on 1 counselling, or conselling sessions ("You tell me your problem and I'll tell you mine!") or they could read conventional relationship guides that tell them they need to be more caring and sharing, bring flowers all the time, and generally be an all-round more decent guy, and THEN the women will love them, their ex will notice they have become a warm, cuddly teddy bear, and inevitably want them back.

The only problem with all that, is that it doesn't work. If you have ever dated any women then you know that the truth is that they come out with all this stuff, but in reality the guys they are ACTUALLY attracted too display very few of the qualities that are supposedly essential, or, if they do, it is not the real reason why the women were attracted to them and ended up in relationships with them. It simply happens to be another skill that they are good at. A bit like discovering that Tiger Woods is a great squash player. Interesting to know, but thats not the reason why people watch him play golf (though, come to think of it, given Tiger's recent track record with women, perhaps he ought to consider writing a dating guide?)

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Right. So none of that stuff works. It makes you feel good. Makes you feel like you are taking action. But really. It's mostly nonsense, and in terms of some strategies ,like one on one counselling, can actually cost you a bucket load of cash (and on an on-going basis)

So what else can you do?

Well, thankfully there are now guides like How To Get Her Back For Good by Dr. George Karanastasis that bypass the BS "Happy Clappy" approach and go right for the juggular of what ACTUALLY works to get your ex back.

Guys. Seriously. We should be REALLY happy that the internet exists. These books would NEVER get published by the whole ream of FEMALE editors in traditional publishing houses, because they somehow think its 'manipulative' for a guy to control his own destiny and have the quality women in his life who he really desires (and not the pain in the arses). The internet bypasses all that because the guys who have got the knowledge can directly get it out there, and we should be really grateful that the barriers are coming down.

Anyway, so what is actually IN How To Get Her Back for Good?

Well, the package consists of four main parts:

1/ The Main How To Get Her Back For Good Ebook (PDF)

2/ Bonus "Cashback - Hope in a Hollywood Movie" PDF (Sounds weird I know but this is actually kinda cool. I will talk about why in a minute)

3/ Case Closed - Real Life Examples of Men's Relationship Repair PDF

4/ How To Take The "UItra" Short Term Relationship To The Next Level

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Right. Time to explore :-)

The main book "How To Get Her Back For Good" is where you are going to turn first. You need to get things moving. You have wasted a load of time and money on that other stuff, and you need to get this show on the road.

The first thing to note when you read it is that the good Doc is delivering more then he promised. The first page has a ginormous "STOP!" sign in it to alert you to the fact that extra materials will be delivered over time in addition to what you were expecting to receive. A nice touch. And that also there is support available both directly from Dr George, and also form the men only "Relationship Repair Community" which you are eligible to signup up for when you get this.

Honestly, getting access to that forum alone could be worth the price of the book. A forum of ONLY GUYS. So none of that "Buy her flowers and be caring and sharing" crap you will get on most other "Relationship Forums". Instead just advice from guys who have been there, done that, got the t-shirt and can tell you what ACTUALLY WORKED to get their exes back, and not the "Be a nice guy" BS you get from women.

The book is split up into 9 main sections:

1 - Introduction - The Strategy Behind the Strategy
2 - The Laws of Attraction - Understanding what women REALLY Want
3 - Reverse Engineering the Relationship (This section goes into a lot of details about the 6 different stages of a relationship. So you can really GET where you are currently in terms of getting your ex back)
4 - How to craft your own "unique" relationship repair strategy (A lot of this section is taken up with various planning strategies and getting to grips with the different techniques that you can employ)
5 - The Proof is in the results... How I used NC to bring back my ex (In this section he discusses his own experiences using the techniques)
6 - Special Circumstances (Here he is dealing with some of the situations that inevitably arise when your ex considers herself "Back on the market" after your breakup, such as other guys etc. And also more geographic considerations such as long distance relationships and how to deal with them)
7 - The stages of your new relationship (Ok. So by now you have got your ex back. So its time to forge that relationship into something really cool that actually lasts this time around)
8 - General Frequently Asked Questions (The same questions inevitably get asked time and time again. So here the most common questions and potential roadblocks come up so that you can deal with them BEFORE they become a big deal)
9 - The Relationship Repair "Master Plan" Mindmaps (Cool step by step mindmaps bring the whole thing together so you get a good overview of the whole process)

This is a really good book. A page turner, but which actually has a lot of practical applications. This is a bit like baking a cake. You may never have EVER baked a cake in your life, and not have the first clue where to start. But if your mum gives your her prized chocolate cake recipe, and stands over your shoulder telling you exactly what to do and when to do it, then you can make a great cake and do it quickly. Same thing here. Why re-invent the wheel? Just go with what has already worked for other guys who got their exes back.

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Now, lets move onto the bonuses.

The movie 'Cashback' bonus is kinda weird. There is just no getting around it. Yet oddly its kinda cool. Essentially it is a casestudy where Dr George (easier to type then his whole name!) gets you to watch a specific movie (Cashback) and then he looks at the different things that went on in the movie, and deconstructs them in relation to how it relates to getting your ex back. Clearly if you don't watch the movie (like he says) then this is not going to help. But if you do watch it, and then read his ideas about the dynamics at play in the movie, then you may have some lightbulb moments.

The "Case Closed - Real Life Examples of Relationship Repair" is based 100% on real-life examples that Dr George has run into. Its about 40 pages of case studies, and looks at 9 different examples of what other guys have gone through in their relationships and how you can learn from them. There are some nice 'spanner in the works' type moments in the book (such as handling divorce scenarios, on the brink relationships, and knowing when to ditch a relationship as bad news and move onto the next girl).

The third bonus, "How To Take the Ultra Short Term Relationship To The Next Level" addresses a very specific scenario where some of the tactics explained in the main book are not the best way to go. Here Dr George explains why, and looks at how you can approach ultra short term relationships (as opposed to say medium term or long term relationships where you have known your ex for a much longer period of time). Dr George defines an ultra short term relationship as anything from 1 date to knowing them 6 weeks. This is a tailored strategy for getting those exes back in your life when the whole thing has gone pear-shaped.

Wowsas! This has been a long arse review! But I hope I have given you a really good flavor of the product, and defined a bit more clearly in your mind if it is something you would be interested in.

Frankly, I think that guides like this are REALLY cheap when you consider how much money you could spend on all the other stuff (Not to mention how much it saves you in NOT having to buy all those flowers every time :-)). And this is a really good course to get your ex back and purring in your arms :-)

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"…Begging Me To Come Over And Come Back To Her"

"Within 2 weeks, she was texting me, emailing me, trying to make me jealous, and then finally calling me begging me to come over and come back to her."

-- Alexander C.




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