How Do I Get Him Back Review

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How Do I Get Him Back Review

About How Do I Get Him Back By Bob Grant

How Do I Get Him Back By Bob Grant is a guide for women to get their exes back. The 'twist' with this type of guide is that it shows you tricks and techniques that not only help you to get them back, but also get them to feel passionately for you again, and hence keep them around for good. In other words get a proper 'partner' back, and not simply some half-assed relationship (pardon my french :-)) that vaguely keeps ticking along, but isn't that satisying.

Things don't start out too well on the salespage for this product. It is a fairly cheesy looking page, and there is a cartoon style avatar that starts talking and tells you its 'Bob Grant' (yeh, and I am the Easter Bunny!) Thankfully the product is better then the marketing, so its well worth a second look and to dig beneath the surface and see what its all about.

Bob describes a scenario that all too many women will unfortunately be familiar with. It goes like this...

1/ You meet a fabulous guy...
2/ You start dating... ("Ohhh He's great...)
3/ Things tick along just great for a few weeks or months.... ("Could he be 'the one'?)
4/ He starts losing interest and pulls away...

You think... "What did I do wrong?"


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Now, at that point you are going over and over things in your mind. Could you have done this, or that, or, or that. What should you have said. Should you have done something differently?

Part of you likes calling up your girlfriends and getting their (unbiased) assurance that he was in fact a bastard and that you are better off with out.

But part of you wonders if you have some kind of "Good Guy" Man Repellant hidden somewhere. And secretly you miss him and want him back.

This is where Bobs "How Do I get Him Back" book steps in. It is what you should do next if you feel like you are in a log jam and are not sure what to do next.

Some of the things that Bob reveals that you SHOULD NOT DO:

1/ Get him on the phone and tell him exactly how you are feeling and try to get him to open up and talk to you about his feelings.

2/ Put all your feelings down on paper or a heartfelt email. Reminding him of all the good times you had together, and doing the 'amateur psychology' thing by telling him what you think went wrong and how you could fix it...(if only he would meet you half way).

3/ Desperately start phoning him ten times a day and leaving messages on his answerphone at home and at work reminding him of how no-one could ever love him in the deep way you do.

4/ Realise that you were a badun and need to change to be a princess of light around him. Give him gifts for no particular reason, start doing averything he asks you to. In other words do a good impression of a doormat.

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Now, what do all those type of strategies have in common?

Well, the fact is that they could well work with WOMEN. But they will NEVER work with men, and the sooner you realise that and change tack, the sooner you can get him back, and the happier you will be.

Men do not want to talk about feelings.

Get over it ladies.

They don't care about how theoretically wonderful you are. A wink and a sexy flick of the fanny is worth 50 love letters to any man.

Now, most women find that fact quite annoying, and figure that most men are about as deep as a paddling pool. But the reality is that once you learn to embrace it, and work with the way men ACTUALLY are, rather then how you would LIKE them to be. Then you will have more success at getting them attracted to you.

That is what is good about a relationship guide like this that is gender specific. This is not for guys. This is for girls. And it is also aimed at creating long term, deep relationships with men, not fly by night, here today, gone tomorrow type relationships.

Here is what one woman who field tested Bobs book on ACTUAL MEN had to say about it:


"Wow, Bob Grant's book, How Do I Get Him Back, really opened my eyes to the truth about men. I used to think that all men generally have a love-'em-and-leave-'em attitude when it comes to dating women -- and that there was nothing I could do to make a man faithful to me. This book revealed an important concept about how to make a man regard me as someone of great value -- someone who's worth devoting his singular attention to. I'm forever grateful for this priceless information which I know will serve me for life. I appreciate this book even more because ever since I read it, I've been sharing what I learned from it with girlfriends and female members of my family who wanted to get their boyfriends back. I feel like a female Dr. Phil dispensing expert advice to women. This book is worth its weight in gold!"

-- Kristin Bennett, Los Angeles, California


Overall, I liked this book. I felt it had a lot of insights to offer most women who blindly go around thinking that men and women think the same about relationships and how they work. They don't. And the sooner yoo figure out the reality, the sooner you can get around to getting your ex back.

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