Get Your Man Back System Review

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Get Your Man Back System Review

about Get Your Man Back System by Elaine M.D -

Get Your Man Back By Elaine M.DGet My Man Back System By Elaine M.D
has a very simple purpose. To help you to get your ex boyfriend back for good. It is designed a little differently from most of the products in the "relationship" market because it is actually designed to be bought by women rather then men (wow! radical concept :-). But if you find yourself in the very specific circumstances that this book is aimed at (ie you want your ex boyfriend back) then the specificity that Elaine brings to the product is really good news.

Ok. So unlike most reviews you are going to read where they heap praise on products like they are going out of fashion (and you wonder if you have stumbled on the next cure for cancer by mistake), I have actually read Elaine's book so that I can be unbiased and really give you a balanced picture of both what is good about it, and what is not so good.

Having read through it I can say any lady that buys this book it will get a very straightforward type of light shed on the situation, rather then lots of weepy tears and sympathy. In practice this is both good and bad. The reason that this is both good and bad is that you will hear the unvarnished truth about what really works with men, but at the same time you are not going to get all the loved up, female type advice you will get off your normal friends.

In other words, you will get the information to get him back, not a cuddle session to make you feel better.

Here is a short quote from the book in the interests of showing you the type of no-nonsense good stuff you can expect if you take a look: (There are no actual "secrets" being revealed here, this is just to give you an honest taste of the tone, so you can decide for yourself whether this is right for you before you plump down any cash).

"In my opinion, getting your ex boyfriend back will be the easy part. Its keeping him "tame" and loyal toward you that is the real challenge. I will go far beyond simply teaching you to get your ex back and toward the end of this book we will begin discussing methods and techniques to keep the man in your life under your "spell". No manipulation or anything unethical required." - Courtesy Get Your Man Back By Elaine M.D
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Wow! Speaking as a man I am a little scared. I am not sure I want to be "tamed", but then I guess I need to meet the right woman :-)

In any case, its a real game changer when you start to get a handle on the different ways that you can start to regain your power and reignite the fires with your ex.

Still, for some women this hard hitting, no-nonsense style might seem a little too much. So just a warning. Elaine has some good credentials though for teaching this stuff. A Professional Relationship Coach for 8 years and charges serious bucks for 1 on 1 coaching with women to teach this stuff in person ($125 an hour). So in comparison the cost of this course is a real bargain.

This course is a bit like the condensed version of that. Broken down into an exact step by step blueprint to lead you through into examining all the things that happened in your relationship and not only getting him back, but getting him to fall back in love with you and stay that way.

This guide is super condensed. It is not massive, so you won't have to spend all year reading it. It is 67 pages of straight to the point stuff.

The author says they spent 16 months honing and refining it down to the essence of what works.

I like the style of the writing. It reads well and that is important if you are going to connect with an author and really get the full benefit from it.

And, just to re-iterate, this isn't just someone talking out of their butt :-)

There are some solid credentials:

- A Master's Degree In Psychology
- A Professional Relationship Coach for 8 Years

And there are also solid testimonials from lots of very happy women who are now back with their ex-boyfriends.

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Let me level with you. Whether you try this out or not you can succeed in getting your boyfriend back. He fell in love with you once and he can certainly do it again.

If you can rekindle that somehow, then of course you can get him back.

Courses like this, or books, or coaching or whatever are really just shortcuts.

They tell you good stuff that other women have tried in exactly your position that have worked, and importantly tactics that haven't worked so you can save some time.

None of this stuff is rocket science. But then, what is?

Isn't everything ultimately simple when you know how?

The book for example talks about the different reasons why you broke up in the first place, and offers 4 insights into the reasons why. Not rocket science, but useful to know if a certain perspective has never occured to you.

And in later chapters Elaine gets onto the really meaty stuff like push/pull theory and how you can use it to get him back.

Ultimately, do you need this?

Honestly, I don't know.

I don't have a crystal ball that tells me your situation. All I do know is that if you have a leaky tap you would pay for a plumber. He would fix in ten minutes what you couldn't fix in a week if you tried to do it alone without help, either because you didn't have the tools or the knowledge. And so why not do the same thing for your relationships? Why wait when you can fix it now?

Anyhow, you can make up your own mind. As I said this is a very straightforward review. No hype or BS.

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Other women really liked it. Here are what a few of them had to say about it:

The methods and techniques you talk about work very well. Especially the information on "training" your man to be more of how you want him to be. For me it wasn't really that hard to get him back.... Cynthia B
I played with him for a few weeks and made him work to get me back. hehe :) Thanks for the very interesting book! I look forward to using the training techniques you talked about. Loved the read... Tamara C
I pushed his "emotional hot buttons" and watched him squirm. :) I told him I wanted to take things slow and he agree. I even used some of the "training" techniques you wrote about. It's good to see things are returning back to "normal" again... Anna H

Why only four stars from me? Well, It would be great if the author added in a personal consultation with this. But for the price, its unlikely to happen. Its more like 4 and a half stars, but the computer doesn't compute halves :-) So I knocked off a star for the no personal consultation (you can still contact Elaine and connect via email to be clear. She is simply not going to meet you in your local Starbucks for the cost of this course :-))

But still, this is a cheap and easy way to solve a heartbreaking problem.

Act with integrity. Do what's in your heart, and remember to keep on trying. I wish you well. You can check out what Elaine has to say here

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