Winning Her Back Without Breaking A Sweat

Winning Her Back Without Breaking A Sweat

If you want to win her back without breaking a sweat, you have to have a game plan, and stick with it no matter what. First of all you have to change the tactics you may have been using, because winning her back the way you have been trying previously obviously hasn't been working. You need to take a new approach to getting her back, and throw all of your old ideas out of the window.

There are things you need to consider first before employing these new tactics. One of them is how long you were together, and then there is what the reasons were that you broke up. How much time has elapsed since your break up, and what has been going on in that time. You need to sit and write these things down to have something tangible to work with. This will give you some clear ideas about what to do next. Once you have these things written down, it's time for the game plan.

If your relationship was long, a year or more, it takes time to heal and mend the heart, so you need to back off. If it was a short one, then you may need to take a more proactive approach to getting her back. The second area is about the circumstances of the break up. This has to be addressed and fixed right away. If not, even if you get back together, it's not going to last very long because these issues aren't resolved. Then there is the length of time you have been apart, and what has been happening since then.In many cases, the shorter the time since the break up, the easier it is to win her back.

However, if you have spent this time begging for forgiveness, or fighting with her, then you are going to have to give her some more space. In this case, stop all contact with her, and see what happens. You may find that she actually starts to call you instead, wondering why you're not calling. Hmm, this may actually be working in your favor after all.The important thing is to stick with your plans, and get over her.

Start dating other people, and show her that you are over the relationship. This will often make her jealous, and she may start wondering if you should have broken up in the first place. She may actually try to get back with you, and then you will know that these things were working.Now in the event that you are she are looking to get back together, there are some important things that have to be done in order for this relationship to last longer than before. For starters, you both need to sit down and talk about what the reasons were for breaking up in the first place, and you have to be a man and accept responsibility for your own actions, without blaming her.

Communicating is really the first step in resolving these issues and winning her back much quicker. Then you both have to forgive each other, and that means starting over with a clean slate. Then you have to start things slow, and get to know each other again. This will give you both a fighting chance to make this relationship work.

Most breakups are totally preventable - but the you cannot do what
feels "natural" (calling all the time, apologizing endlessly, etc.).

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