How To Win Back The One You Love

How To Win Back The One You Love

No one likes to end a relationship, especially if they're still in love with the other person.  However, getting back together is easier said than done.  If your love has decided to end things, they probably believe they have a pretty good reason, so knowing how to win back the one you love isn't always easy.  Putting the pieces back together means convincing them that their reason isn't a good one anymore.  You have to make them understand that the problems can be fixed, and you have to make them really believe it.  After all, if you're not sincere, things are just going to fall apart again.  Here are a few tips to help you win back the one you love.

1. Trust Them

Trust is a huge problem in many relationships.  We can manage physical intimacy, but a lot of the time, emotional intimacy is much more difficult.  However, if you don't trust your partner, it's going to be a whole lot harder to make things work.  You have to be able to believe them when they tell you what they're doing and what they're feeling.  If they're not someone you can trust, you may not be right for each other.

2. Be Trustworthy

The other side of that coin is that you have to be someone your partner can trust.  If you're prone to stretching the truth, cheating, or even outright lies, you're not going to be someone they can be with.  If you've been like that in the past, it's going to take some real work to convince them you're not just lying now.  However, you can do it, and it starts with behaving in a trustworthy way, starting now.

3. Communicate

Even if you're a trustworthy person, that doesn't mean you're communicating well.  Many relationships break up because the people in them aren't telling each other the whole story.  Even if it makes you feel weak or exposed, be willing to talk to your ex.  Be honest, but don't use your feelings to manipulate them.  Don't expect them to telepathically figure out what you're thinking, and don't play tricks, such as going out with someone else to create jealousy.  That could give them the wrong impression.

4. Self Sufficiency

Of course, communication doesn't mean hanging around your ex, begging for them to take you back.  Even if the breakup is making your every day a bad one, you only have to say you want them back once.  Let them know, be honest about it, and then be able to take care of yourself.  You might think that showing your ex how much you need them and how much the breakup is hurting you will make things better, but it won't.  You'll just end up making the person you love feel guilty.  There's a good chance it'll even make them avoid you.  Be self sufficient, maintain your own social life, and be yourself - people who can take care of themselves are much more appealing.

5. Take Care of Yourself

A lot of people let themselves fall apart when their relationships break up.  However, not taking care of yourself isn't going to make you an appealing prospect.  You don't have to turn into somebody else, but you do need to be someone you can respect.  Take some time to make sure your wardrobe's in good shape and that everything fits, keep up on laundry, hair care, and showering, and think hard about who you want to be.  The chances that you'll get back together are a lot better if it's clear you like who you are.

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