How To Win Back Her Heart And Get An Ex Back In Your Life

How To Win Back Her Heart And Get An Ex Back In Your Life

Breaking up with a person can be a heart wrenching experience and to win back her heart may soon be high on your agenda. Before you can ever hope to win her back, you need to take a real hard look at what your relationship was like, and the circumstances of the break up. Just because you're hurting inside right now, and think that you can't go on without her, doesn't mean you should get back together. You have to assess the damage, figure out whether you really want to win back her heart, and take responsibility for your own contributions to the break up.

Were you unfaithful to her? Why then? Were you not satisfied with her in bed, or was it something more? The same goes if she was unfaithful to you. In almost all cases where someone cheats on the other person, it isn't even about sex, it is the lack of something else in the relationship.This can be any number of different things. Maybe you weren't attentive enough like you were at the beginning of the relationship, or maybe too much, which began to push her away. Maybe there wasn't enough intimacy on yours or her part. A lot of guys confuse sex with intimacy, and you have to learn the difference. Intimacy isn't about sex, it's about being close to your partner.

It's about being there for them when they are down, and really actively listening to them, not just 'yes dear,' or 'I understand.' It is really hearing what they have to say, and considering their feelings and opinions. Intimacy is also about being able to sit with your girlfriend, just holding hands, talking about things, or watching something on television, or a movie, without trying to initiate sex. Being able to enjoy each other's company just for the sake of being together, that is a perfect example of intimacy.The lack of romance can also break up a relationship, and this works both ways.

Men have a tendency not to be romantic except at first, surprising her with gifts or flowers for no reason, or taking her out on the spur of the moment. As relationships begin to settle, a man changes, and often gets caught up in being the bread winner, especially when families are involved. You have to continue to find ways to be romantic, and surprise her with flowers just because. Women too have to find more ways to be romantic, this may mean getting rid of the kids for the night, making a special dinner just for the two of you. It can also mean sitting and watching that sports game he likes so much and grabbing him a beer without him asking.

You need to make changes in your habits and learn to do things differently. If you are split up, you also need to let her know that you are really trying to change. If you are serious about getting back together with her, and she is still single, there can be a reason for this, and it may be you. Try to get counseling, ask her to go with you. Take classes with her on communication, anger management, etc. This will let her know that you are really making a serious attempt at making a difference, and this may more than likely want her to get back with you and allow you to win back her heart more easily. Maybe now she is seeing the person that she fell in love with in the first place.

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