Do You Want Your Exgirlfriend Back Tips And Tricks

Do You Want Your Exgirlfriend Back Tips And Tricks

If you're trying to get back together with your ex girlfriend, you're up against a big challenge.  After all, putting the pieces back together after the relationship is done can be extremely difficult.  Many people even believe it's impossible!  Fortunately, it is actually possible to get your exgirlfriend back, as long as you know what you're doing and ask yourself some important questions before you start.  You'll need patience, determination, and the ability to be really objective about things, but there's a good chance you can restore your old relationship and get your exgirlfriend back in your life.

Here are some questions and tips that could help.

1. Do you really want her back?

Too many people don't bother to ask themselves this question before they start trying to renew an old relationship.  Failure to figure out what they really want leads to more arguments and problems, and things just break up all over again.  You don't want to end up stuck in this situation, so take some time to figure out why you want to start things up again.  If it's because you feel like you have a claim on her, because you're afraid to date someone else, or because you don't think you can live life without her, take a step back.  You're not ready to go back into this relationship yet.

2. What went wrong?

Don't start trying to get back into the same situation you were in.  You have to figure out why things didn't work out between you, and solve those problems before you begin again.  If it's a basic personality clash or just a change of personal direction, there's not a lot you can do.  If the problem was a failure to communicate on your side or a bad situation that's already past, it's a lot easier to get back together.

3. Don't keep calling!

Don't spend lots of time calling, emailing, text messaging or showing up in person if you haven't been invited.  These are terrible ideas, and won't make her think about you in a good way.  If you let yourself become an annoyance, you've pretty much killed your chances of putting things back together with your girlfriend.  If you haven't, you've put a huge new hurdle in the way of your relationship.  No one wants to date someone who acts like a stalker.

4. Never beg.

Even if the breakup has left you feeling like you can't live your life without her, don't beg her to get back together with you.  It's important to let her know that you'd like to continue things, of course.  But be an adult about it, and only say it once.  Begging and pleading just makes you seem codependent.

5. Take care of yourself, and make it obvious.

That doesn't mean you need to show off, but don't let personal care fall by the wayside.  It's surprisingly easy to let yourself go when you get depressed, and most of the time, that leads to not liking yourself very much.  How can you be someone she wants to date if you don't like yourself?  Fill in the time by working out a little more, keeping your living space in good shape, and maintaining a social life.  It's tempting to try to crawl into a hole, but that won't help you get your exgirlfriend back.

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